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End-of-year (2017) Free Stickers Haul

I downloaded and saved a huge amount of free planner stickers during the beginning of this year, hoping to print and use them all at some point! As a reward for finishing a paper I was not sure I would be able to, I printed about 30 pages of them to use in my planner for the end of the year, and possibly the beginning of the next year. To fit the coming seasons, I printed Autumn, Winter, Christmas, and Spring stickers. All of the stickers I printed this time are from the following sites:

Below are snippets from many of the sticker kits I’ve printed! I can’t wait to begin using them! The only problem is that I need to cut them all…

Note: I didn’t include the entire page of stickers I took snippets from, as I just wanted to give people an idea of the types of stickers the above-listed websites have, and what I have printed. Hence, all of the snippets don’t have their creators and copyright information. I did list all creators above, with links to their websites so that you can check out their free planner stickers printables 😉


5 thoughts on “End-of-year (2017) Free Stickers Haul”

    1. I’m starting to decorate this week! I’m nervous, though. I’m not sure if my planner will look as attractive as so many other’s. And I hope I don’t lose too much space while decorating, because I really need all of my space on most days – not all, but most.

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      1. Who cares if it doesn’t look as attractive as the ones on Instagram? When I was in grad school, my planner was not nearly as decorated as it is now, haha. If you feel like you’re running out of room, you can make “flip-outs”. Basically take a sheet of paper/sticky note/etc. and use washi tape to secure only one side of it. Now you can write on both sides of the paper flap, and underneath it. 😊 Or maybe that might look too cluttered. just an idea!! 💡

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