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Lessons Learned while Cutting and Using Planner Stickers 

I recently printed quite a few free planner sticker kits, and am decorating my planner with them. As I was cutting the stickers (I don’t own a Sillouhette or similar machine) and decorating my planner, I had to constantly remind myself of 3 things:

  1. Leave white space
  2. Decorate while planning
  3. Don’t be confined to layout/lines

I’ll share why these points are important for me, in the hope it might be helpful to people who might want to decorate their planners cost effectively, as I am doing.

Leave White Space 

This point applies in 2 ways: while cutting the stickers and while decorating my planner.

At first, I tried to cut stickers exactly on the lines or boundaries, because I thought I would have perfectly shaped stickers with enough concentration. I found, however, that no matter how hard I tried, some stickers looked warped even if I did cut right on the lines, or sometimes I cut into the sticker. Note how these stickers don’t completely line up with the planner layout lines, or look warped:

Sticker Kit from Vintage Glam Studio


Sticker Kit from Organized Potato




When I leave white spaces around the stickers while cutting them, the shapes look much better, and the stickers fit in the planner layout better. Here are some examples:

Left Sticker Kit from Vintage Glam Studio, Right Sticker Kit from My Planner Life

Some sticker kits are very beautiful, and also have enough stickers for no white space decorating. I found myself almost feeling stressed about how to layout the stickers to use all the stickers, fill every inch of my planner, and for my planner to still be functional. I have to remind myself that my primary purpose to use stickers is for functionality. Stickers can add emphasis, while also being decorative. If I don’t use all the stickers in a week, I can split them or try to combine with other kits across more than a week. It’s ok to have white space in my planner, even while using stickers. When I have less busy days, I can decorate those days more 😊

Decorate While Planning 

When I cut my very first stickers, I was so excited to use them, and therefore, started decorating the first half of the week immediately. However, I later realized while trying to write in my tasks, that the layout wasn’t in sync with what I needed. Since then, I decorate while planning. I still get tempted to use stickers early, but I just remind myself how unnatural it felt when I did that the first time. In the below picture, I pre-decorated the first half of the week, and decorated while planning for the second half of the week. Even looking at it now, the second half looks and feels more natural than the first half. Do you feel or see that, too? Maybe other people can’t tell the difference.


Don’t be Confined to Layouts/Lines

Another mistake I made while pre-decorating the first half of the week in the above picture, is confine myself to the Happy Planner’s layout. This ultimately made the decorated layout less usable for me, because sometimes I had too much or too little place for my task categories. In the second half in the above-pictured week,  I reminded myself to not confine myself to the layout, and I think it looks better than the first half.

The End

What tips do you have for decorating planners, or cutting stickers? I now have an Instagram account where I share my weekly layouts. Feel free to follow me if you are interested in seeing my planner 😉


10 thoughts on “Lessons Learned while Cutting and Using Planner Stickers ”

  1. Hey there! These are great tips and I agree. Especially with the last tip, I have been so conventional in decorating with my planner that I get frustrated and just ending up unhappy with my layout and my creative planning. It is hard especially when you are just starting, but I think that is the part of the process. You discovering your style and what system works for you.

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  2. Aw man! I didn’t mean for my sticker kits to be overwhelming! Personally, I’m a no-white-space planner. I love to cover up as much of my planner with pretty things as I can! I offer a lot of stickers in some of my freebie kits so that other no-white-space planners can decorate that way too… and everyone else can get 2 or more weeks out of just one kit.

    These were great tips! And I totally feel ya on the stickers not lining up perfectly in my planner. #plannerprobs.

    P.S. Thanks for the mention! 😊


    1. Oh I didn’t mean to imply that your sticker kits are overwhelming! I just generally feel overwhelmed in trying to figure out how to decorate my planner, because I want it to be functional but also look nice 😉 so trying to do both can feel overwhelming 😝😝😝 I like your sticker kits! Except that I didn’t cut them very straight…. My bad 🤣 But they’re decorative, pretty, and functional, too!

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      1. I can understand how it’s overwhelming. The more you use and decorate your planner, the more you’ll settle into a “rhythm” as well as find the style that works for you.

        Also, I highly recommend getting a paper trimmer! It has saved me sooo much time instead of cutting stuff out by hand. Although… I still manage to cut stuff crooked. Somehow. I must be cursed. 😂

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        1. I think you are right! Maybe it’s overwhelming because I’m not used to using stickers. And eventually, I’ll settle into a “rhythm” and style that works for me without the extra thinking.

          Getting a paper trimmer could be a good idea for the boxes and squares!

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  3. Hello, I was wondering how you made the little exercise/water/etc icons at the bottom of each date? Are they also stickers? I’d like to do something similar in my 2018 planner to keep track of daily chores.

    Good luck with the PhD marathon!

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    1. I’m actually glad you asked! I’m currently writing a post on how I made them 😉 I’ve been busy working on a couple papers, so my progress is a bit slow. I hope to finish the post before the New Year!


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