I am an academic (specifically, a PhD student), who enjoys using her planner. I have come across a lot of planner blogs, but did not find many from the perspective of a PhD student. I like to make my planner fun, organized, and as inexpensive as possible. I want to share my use of  my planner(s) and accessories, and perhaps it might help or give other people ideas for their planners.

Note, I am not (yet) an Affiliate with any of the products or links I include. I include links so that potential readers can find and buy items I talk about in my posts. Mostly, I have links to Amazon.com, since I can practically find everything there!

I am currently choosing to remain anonymous, and keep this blog free. Especially since I want to share how I obtain and use my planner and accessories freely or inexpensively, and I do not know what the future of this blog is. However, this might change in the future.

Just in Case

I am not an expert, and the information found on the An Academic Planner site is not intended to act as financial, medical, legal or otherwise professional advice.  All information found on this site represents my own opinions and is for personal use only.  I am simply a person sharing her ideas and opinions on various topics.  The information shared here on An Academic Planner is intended for entertainment purposes only.   If you choose to use information from this site, understand that you are using it at your own risk.