Lessons Learned while Cutting and Using Planner Stickers 

I recently printed quite a few free planner sticker kits, and am decorating my planner with them. As I was cutting the stickers (I don’t own a Sillouhette or similar machine) and decorating my planner, I had to constantly remind myself of 3 things:

  1. Leave white space
  2. Decorate while planning
  3. Don’t be confined to layout/lines

I’ll share why these points are important for me, in the hope it might be helpful to people who might want to decorate their planners cost effectively, as I am doing.

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End-of-year (2017) Free Stickers Haul

I downloaded and saved a huge amount of free planner stickers during the beginning of this year, hoping to print and use them all at some point! As a reward for finishing a paper I was not sure I would be able to, I printed about 30 pages of them to use in my planner for the end of the year, and possibly the beginning of the next year. To fit the coming seasons, I printed Autumn, Winter, Christmas, and Spring stickers. All of the stickers I printed this time are from the following sites:

Below are snippets from many of the sticker kits I’ve printed! I can’t wait to begin using them! The only problem is that I need to cut them all…

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Planners that I used through College and Grad School

Different planners were helpful to me at different phases of college and graduate school, depending on the types of tasks and assignments I had. Here, I’ll share the various types of planner systems I used since college. Unfortunately, I did not keep all my planners, nor did I take pictures of them all, but will include the pictures I have.

Freshman Year

To keep track of my schedule which was filled  with classes, meetings, and extracurricular activities, I bought a weekly appointment planner. Each class and type of meetings or activity was color-coded with colored pencils. I used separate binders per class to store syllabi, assignments, and notes. Every morning, I would review my class binders for what is due when, then prioritize and write my daily to-do’s on either separate pieces of paper or my portable whiteboard.

Sophomore and Junior Years

For the next 2 years in college, I used the planners provided by my university. The monthly views stored assignment due dates, exams, class schedule, meetings, and extracurricular activities. I used the blank lines in the weekly views to write assignments and other to-do’s for each day. Like Freshman year, I prioritized and wrote my daily to-do’s on either separate pieces of paper or my portable whiteboard every morning.




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