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How I Stayed Organized for College Success

Check out this post on my Academic blog of how I stayed organized for college! These tips are very applicable even during these unprecedented times! Organizing will help you be more successful!

I’d love to hear more about how you stay or stayed organized for college/school!

An Academic Journal

During these times (COVID-19), you may either be preparing to go to campus or staying home to join school remotely. Either way, having tools to be organized will be very important to succeed. As a matter of fact, I would think it’s even more important if you’ll be staying home and joining school remotely.

There are many ways to stay organized for college. Everyone will have their own way. I’ll share my method here to provide one more organization method. You might find a part of what I did helpful to add to your own ideas.

Digital Calendar

I set up my schedule on digital calendars that sync across my laptop, smart phone, and tablet. The alerts are very helpful to make sure I get to my classes and meetings on time – especially when I am in a conversation with someone (alerts serve as a good distractor and reminder…

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