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16 Things I Wish I did Differently in College

I shared things I wish I would have done during college on my other blog. I wanted to share on this blog, since many of these things are characteristics and habits I wish I made for a healthier, happier life. Hope they might help someone!

An Academic Journal

Now that college freshman have experienced a semester of college life, it’s a good time to reflect and try to work on improving yourselves. Though I did try to improve myself in college, there are things I didn’t understand or value enough. To help other young adults, here’s a list of things I wish I did differently in college:

  1. I wish I understood health and ate healthier.
  2. I wish I drank more water and always carried a bottle with me.
  3. I wish I learned to be and love myself versus changing.
  4. I wish I spent time learning things on my own.
  5. I wish I learned to say no.
  6. I wish I had tried to explain my needs and set boundaries with my friends and roommates.
  7. I wish I learned that I don’t have to prove myself right or seek approval.
  8. I wish I learned to let things go when their…

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