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SandraDDesignCo Planner Stickers Giveaway Wins

I won another giveaway! Actually, I won a few. But I have been writing and sharing the wins from shops, as a way to thank them for the opportunity!

I had the opportunity to win twice from an artist who makes not only planner stickers from her art, but also dashboards, die cuts, holiday tags and cards, and bags! The first time I won from SandraDDesignCo., she had decided to do a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) giveaway on Facebook because someone bought her cup of coffee. She then participated in a collaboration sales event and hosted a giveaway as part of the fun events before the sales event starts (again on Facebook).

SandraDDesignCo. makes very unique and creative planner stickers. What I appreciate most are how the washi strips she provides have unique shapes or sizes according to the kit! They’re not all the same! I have not yet seen another planner sticker shop do this!

To demonstrate my opinions, here are my planner spreads using the planner sticker kits I received from the giveaways:

I really love the washi strips in this kit:

A bright, colorful kit:

I still haven’t had the chance to use one of the planner sticker kits, but can’t wait to (waiting for Spring to come around again): 

Since these 2 giveaway wins, I have decided to join SandraDDesignCo.‘s PR Team. Here are some more sticker kits and other items I bought and received from SandraDDesignCo.:

Colorful and artistic autumnal kit, and planner spreads using kits over 2 weeks:

Christmas card, post card, bookmark, die cuts, and planner clip:

I hope you visit and join her Facebook group and support her work! 


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