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Coffee Brain Plans Mini Mystery Planner Box Giveaway!

I won a giveaway! After I created this anonymous presence as “An Academic Planner”, and created an Instagram account, and saw all the giveaway opportunities being given by people who have met milestones, I always thought it would be super fun to win a giveaway! And I did! This giveaway was offered  Coffee Brain Plans through Instagram and Facebook as celebration of her starting to sell Mystery Planner Boxes. Per the description, the giveaway contains a mini version of what is actually provided through the Mystery Planner Boxes, but it will contain the main parts. Which means that if you subscribe for the monthly mystery planner boxes, you can look forward to even more goodies!

So, let me share the giveaway with you!

Planner Stickers!


There are 4 sticker sheets from Coffee Brain Plans, 1 from Planner Bomb, and a small cute one (the heart-shaped one) from TheStudyholic. As you can see from the pictures, they are beautiful, colorful, decorative, and functional! I can’t wait to use them! I am pretty sure these stickers can span at least 2 weeks.

Marble Matching Washi Tape and Sticky Notes!


Don’t these look beautifully elegant! I’ll use them together in my planner, and use the remaining of the sticky notes at work 😉

Beautiful, Diamond Pen!


I really love how this pen looks! So much, that I’m not going to use it 😝 I’m going to save it for when I start working and show case it in my office! I am even thinking to buy more diamond pens! Coffee Brain Plans has many, colorful, and beautiful diamond pens in her shop. This was one of the items I was most excited to win!

And More!


Last but not least, a flower die cut, a flower paper clip (embroidered by Miss Pippa Jayne, but put together by Coffee Brain Plans), and a charm (from The Inspired Peach).

Summary of Mystery Planner Box


Coffee Brain Plans really provides enough sticker supplies to easily last a month, if not longer, with fun accessories! She collaborates with other shops to put together these fun boxes! The colors and quality of everything are beautiful and vibrant! The regular prices of the Mystery Planner Boxes are only about $19.50, which is a great value for all of the items you get! I can’t wait to see what’s in her April box!

I will be sharing my planner spreads using the stickers and accessories in the coming weeks on Instagram and Pinterest, so be on the lookout!

Questions for Readers

  1. What did you like overall or most about the Mystery Planner Box?
  2. Would you like to see me share my planner spreads here on my blog? Currently, I am only posting them on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

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